Welcome to the future of  personal aviation






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    MODEL X2

160 hp horse power         /       220 km/h  max speed         /        200 km/h cruise speed      /        800 km range      /    100 l  fuel capacity  

Welcome to the future of personal aviation - here's the X2, an innovative gyrocopter that combines speed, efficiency and incredible design. Discover how our retractable landing gear and advanced technology are transforming travel of personal aviation. odf p

X2        COLORS

Dynamic, turbocharged engine with the best power to weight ratio and TBO 2000h.  Four stroke piston engine with four liquid and air-cooled cylinders.

Four-stroke piston engine with four liquid and air-cooled cylinders
Redundant electronic fuel injection and ignition, eco mode
Turbocharger, stainless steel exhaust
Engine management system  EMS

full engine specification



Behind every element of the X2 there is a philosophy of innovation and excellence. Our passion for discovering new possibilities has resulted in the creation of a gyroplane that redefines the concept of luxury air travel combined with the latest technology.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in every aspect of the X2. From the retractable suspension, to the automatic doors, to efficient and economical flight - everything has been designed for unparalleled flying pleasure. However, that's not all, the design is carried out with the aim of producing advanced 3D printing from titanium and aluminum, which will reduce the weight by 35% and increase the strength by 25%. 

Furthermore, the X2 is not just the pinnacle of technological achievements, but above all, a work of art that captures the gaze and delights merely by being observed. As the creators of X2, we always bear in mind that "True innovation is the harmony between function and form, captivating the spirit and sight, creating a bridge between dreams and reality."



 Retractable landing gear               80 m  takeoff length             5 m  needed to land   (in optimal conditions)